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How Ed Miliband Voted?

How Ed Miliband Voted?

Voting is a critical step of being a political leader, as it is a formal way of expressing your opinions and giving voice to your views. Voting has so much power especially for the bureaucrats, as their opinions can shape public policies and assist in the creation of an entire system. Only being present on the poll shows how much a person cares about a certain issue as he or she is an elected leader of a democracy. Here are some of the voting decisions Ed made in his phase as a British politician which defined as a contemporary and certainly unorthodox politician.

“Almost always voted against a reduction in spending on welfare benefits.”

Ed was known for supporting pubic welfare and citizenship rights and he generally voted against reducing the amount to be spent on British citizen welfare.

” Generally voted against encouraging occupational pensions.”

The people working for certain organizations who are bound to get the pensions were also a positive feature of the economy as they spent most of their lives for the development of government as well as private sector organizations. But deducting a certain amount from salary of an individua was probematic, so Ed had generally voted against the occupational pensions.

“Generally voted for more EU integration.”

Ed Miliband campaigned against Brexit and was more inclined towards making the relationship of the European Union countries better, because of the advantages they could get from proper trade and business opportunities. So he voted more often for encouraging European Union integration.

“Voted a mixture of for and against a more proportional system for electing MPs.”

Ed had a history of being the MP of Doncaster North as well, so he had idea how disproportional it could be when the decision comes for selecting an MP. Although he stood in the middle and voted in both support and against making the system relatively more proportional.

“Almost always voted against fewer MPs in the House of Commons.”

The more the merrier was Ed’s thought on having a number of MPs who could be included in the House of Commons. So he discouraged fewer MPs by voting against them.

“Consistently voted for equal gay rights.”

Ed had the opinion of supporting heterosexual minorities in Britain and he empowered his opinion by constantly voting for their support. Ed wanted them to have rights and representation as any other citizen of state.

“Generally voted for smoking bans.”

Smoking is injurious to health, smoking kills, smoking causes cancer and smoking causes so much damage to the secondary smokers who just inhale the particles in air thrown away by smokers. Ed voted to stop those smoking addicts from polluting public places and disturbing non smokers.

“Generally voted for allowing marriage between two people of the same sex.”

Miliband believed it is among the rights of homosexual couples to get recognition in public as a married couple so he voted in favor of allowing marriage between people of same gender, i.e. gay and lesbian weddings.

“Generally voted for laws to promote equality and human rights.”

Being a social worker, Ed’s major emphasis was on promoting human rights as well as equality for their citizens irrespective of the gender, race, caste and creed. Ed openly participated in feminist activism as well.

“Voted for allowing terminally ill people to be given assistance to end their life.”

Life can be very painful, especially when morphine shots and comatose is not enough to relieve the pain. Ed voting in support of allowing people with terminal diseases to end their lives and providing any help to them necessary to minimize their pain and suffering.

“Voted a mixture of for and against use of UK military forces in combat operations overseas”

UK military forces intervened in Afghanistan and Libya during the tenure of Ed and he supported those operations in foreign land because of the damage being controlled in those situations.

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