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A wonderful state rises when a pool of great people unite, collaborate and discuss how it could be made better. A well established state is not only a piece of land with all the monetary and regulatory policies, it is about the people who make these policies and make the pieces of land more than that, a better place for the citizens. Ed Miliband is none other than one of those people who stand for something bigger than themselves. Someone who knows what is better for the state, and is willing to stand by it no matter what happens.

About Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband, also known as Edward Samuel Miliband is a British Politician who served under many phases during his tenure. He was the leader of the Labour party as well as acted as an Opposition Leader to the crown for five years after 2010. He was elected as a member of Parliament and was reelected thrice Doncaster North in the years 2005, 2010, 2015 and 2017 respectively. During the tenure of Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Ed Miliband served as a Cabinet member in the year 2007-2010.

A British Politician

Miliband entered politics by being elected in 2005 o the House of Commons. Then in May 2006, he was promoted to the Parliamentary Secretary in the Cabinet by Prime Minister Tony Blaire in 2006. After the initiation of Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Era, Ed Miliband was appointed in 2007 as the Minister of cabinet office as well as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lanchester. And then in 2008-10, he was led to a further promotion as the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.
Ed Miliband won the election for replacement after the resignation of Brown in 2010 as Leader of Labour Party. He was responsible for a major shift in the policies of the party as he was a very powerful and opinionated leader. The party underwent many elections during his leadership. Finally, in 2015 when the Labour Party was defeated by the Conservative Party in the general elections, Miliband resigned in May 2015 and Jeremy Corbyn replaced him.

ed miliband

A British Parliamentarian

After the joining in 2005, Edward Miliband wilfully resigned from the HM Treasury as his role in the advisory in order to participate in the elections. The acting MP of the Doncaster North from the Labour Party at that time as Kevin Hughes, who has to leave the position because of the diagnosis of his motor neuron disease. After that, Ed Miliband stood in the elections against Michael Dugher, who was at that time a SPAD for Geoff Hoon, The Secretarty of Defence. Ed was successfuly elected in that campaign in May 2005, and had a heavy majority of 12,656 votes. In 2006 when Prime Minister Tony Blaire decided to do a reshuffle, Ed held the position of parliamentary Secretary to the Cabinet Office. He was responsible for the charitable and voluntary organizations as the acting Minister for the third sector.

An Independent Political Activist

After the official resignation, Miliband was indulged in independent political activism. He stood in favor of equality, as well as supported the Paris Climate Change Agreement. In the Brexit Fiasco, Ed remained in favor of the remain in the European Union Referendum and actively campaigned for the Remain vote as well. After the results of the referendum came out, Ed Miliband went against Jeremy Corbyn despite his previous support and called him to step down from the position in 2016. Miliband was also a supporter of the next candidate challenging, Owen Smith. Miliband accepted an unpaid position at the Politica Quarterly Journal’s editorial board in 2016. He also showed his political interest in the Sky Telecommunications takeover bid by Rupert Murdoch where he supported the inquiry by Ofcom and criticised the role and intentions of Murdoch.

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