Ed Miliband – A Personal Perspective

Ed Miliband Personal Perspective

Being a public figure or politician is about having opinions and understanding various perspectives about the underlying issues which one could face in a scenario. And the ability to view these perspectives is shaped by a series of life events a person undergoes and experiences first hand. It depends on the environment, the people, the actions and the consequences faced by them which transforms their personality. To know Ed Miliband, here is a summary of the personal perspective of his life to see how his life transformed him into this amazing politician. This includes his life before he went into the politics and the ”behind the scenes view” of a British politician besides his shining political career. 

Early Life

Ed Miliband was born on 24th December 1969 in Central London’s district Fitzrovia. His parents were Marion Kozak and Ralph Miliband, who were Polish and Jewish Immigrants who got in central London during World War II from Brussels, Belgium. He is the younger one among his siblings. His mother is a social activist as well as a CND member. The father had a Belgian origin of the same ethnicity and he was a Marxism intellectual. They had residency in Edin Street of the Primrose Hill, London. The house is still in possession of Ed’s elder sibling David Miliband. Ed Miliband’s father was at the London School of Economics but left the position of an academic there in 1972 to get in University of Leeds as a Professor in Political Department. The family came to Leeds as well in 1873 where Ed started going to school in Featherbank Infant School, Horsforth from 1974 to 1977. He grew a fanship in his heart for Leeds United as well during that phase. Because of the nature of his father’s job, he visited America twice and said it was his happiest time knowing the American Cuture and getting familliar with football.


After the infant school, Ed Miliband attended the Primrose Hill Primary School in Camden. Then he attended a school in Chalk Farm, the Haverstock Comprehensive School between the years 1981 to 1989. He also had an artistic side as he learned to play the violin during the school and also used to review films and plays.

He got an internship at Tony Benn’s office who was the Chesterfield’s MP at the time, as soon as Ed Miliband completed his O-Levels. Ed pursued four A levels including Mathematics, English, Further Mathematics and Physics. For his Bachelor of Arts degree from Corpus Christi College, Oxford, he chose Philosophy, Politics and Economics. But dropped Philosophy in his second year and got his upper second class degree. He also got into college politics and ran in elections at his first year, where he elected the JCR President and ran campaigns for the benefit of the students.

A Harvard Scholar


He was doing a job in 2002 at HM Treasury and then got an unpaid sabbatical for about 12 month because Harvard offered him an opportunity to be a visiting faculty at the Center for European Studies for two semesters. He enjoyed his time at Harvard teaching economics for two semesters and got an extension and taught another course for one semester which was about the politics of social justice. His time as the visiting faculty opened many other gateways for him during the tenure where he met Senator John Kerry as well as Brown. As he returned from Harvard, in 2004 he was promoted to the Chairman of HM Treasury Council of Economic Advisers in order to shape a long term economic planning of the state.

Life Events

Ed Miliband met with Justine Thornton, his recent spouse in 2002 and shared residency in North London. They got engaged in 2010 and got married in 2011. Ed Miliband and his barrister wife Justine Thornton have two adorable sons Daniel and Samuel. They were born in 2009 and 2010 respectively. Miliband is The Labour Party’s proud first Jewish origin leader. Although he has mixed opinions about his religion. He calls himself a Jewish Athiest and describes it as sometimes he feels intimately in connection with it whereas other times it feels like a completely different perspective.

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