Ed Miliband’s Social Life on Instagram

Ed Miliband’s Social Life on Instagram

Being a political figure in Britain means having a lot of eyes on you all the times. As people are being influenced by you, some are ready to critique you on the very rarest of moments you share on the social media. You have to utilize all of the platforms provided because of the modern day needs and trends. And Twitter and Instagram are one of the few platforms which have a huge impact on fan followings. Instagram is the most popular one to share pictures and videos with engaging captions so the audience would get the ideas of events and life happenings of the person they are following. Ed is also active on Instagram these days and we will look into what kind of content he is sharing with the world.

The Podcast

After taking a break of 3 years after the 2015 The Labour failure in the general elections, Ed rejoined Instagram as he and a fellow stared working on a podcast called Reasons to be Cheerful. He discusses various topics with fellow celebrity guests and shares the ideas of making Britain a better state and nation. His followers support him by acknowledging his political and economic as well as social view points and encourage him to stand in elections again. This is a great initiative as being an experienced politician who served in various economic and strategic positions, he is capable of identifying problem areas and providing expert solutions or theories about how those problems could be expressed.

The meet ups and events

Meeting amazing people in among the experiences of being a liked politician. Ed also gets to meet new people because of his podcast he started these days. He also shares his images and events with captions often where he went to, so the people in his following could relate. He often visits some place or is seen celebrating events or wishing someone happy birthday. He or his social media team then creates happy birthday captions for Instagram of that event just to tell his followers that what routine Ed is going through these days. The followers see his areas of interest and get to know a more personal side of Ed. He also shares images of him with his wife and family.

The political campaigns

Ed Miliband Social Life

Before the 2015 campaign, Ed used his Instagram elaborately to depict what the campaign stood for. He visited the places he believed his party could improve, and met the people who could potentially benefit from their selection. He went close to the common people and gave them credit for their hard work and support. He shared his opinions and viewpoints, by going right into the situations and scenarios. The political campaign was photographed where his ideas and public speaking were shared with the general public so everyone could know what Ed Miliband and Labour party supports.

To say what he stands for

Just like Twitter, Instagram is also a reliable and engaging way to share what you stand for. It helps to spread the reach of several videos or in Ed’s case the podcast he started because of his existing loyal fan following who was interested for him to come back on Instagram. He frequently shares his ideas on making the state a better place for the residents, as well as the issues of social activism that he has passion for including feminism, gender equality, gay rights etc. It is important because in addition to expressing what he has to day, he also gets feedback on what the followers or interested public has to say about it. Which becomes a great plus because the popularity of opinion and making it more likeable gives it a naturally positive response from most of the people.

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