What We Do

What Do We Do? 

My role as an MP is to represent all the people in my constituency; not just those who voted for me. Whether or not you voted for me or agree with the views of my party, I am your MP and I am still here to help you with all matters for which Parliament or central government is responsible.

Who Do We Represent?

Doncaster North Constituency is made up of

  • Who Do We Represent?  Doncaster North Constituency is made up of the following wards Adwick, Askern, Bentley, Great North, RoadKirk SandallEdenthorpe and Barnby DunnStainforth and MoorendsThorne.

How Can We Help You?

MPs are there to help only with those matters for which Parliament or central government is responsible. Problems often arise with work carried out by central government departments and I will be able to help you with such areas as the National Health Service, benefits, pensions and tax and schools.  

What Do We Do To Help You?

Where your problem does involve central government, I have a number of methods available to try to resolve the matter. A letter from me to the relevant department or official will often provide a solution. If not, I may decide to take matters a stage further by writing to the Minister involved, or even making an appointment to see the Minister personally. Many constituents’ problems can be solved in this way but not all problems, of course, have an easy solution. The Minister may not be able to give the answer that you wanted to hear but if the decision has been made in the right way, there may be little that can be done.

If, on the other hand, there has been unnecessary delay, or if some essential procedure has been missed out, i.e. if there has been maladministration, I may be able to take your case to the Ombudsman (Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration).I am able to resolve such cases where there has been administrative incompetence. The Ombudsman can only be approached via an MP – you cannot approach him directly.

I cannot help you in private disputes with other individuals or with companies who have sold you faulty goods, nor, for example, to interfere with decisions made by courts – contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau or Trading Standards. 

What is the difference between a councillor and an MP? 

My job as your MP is to represent the people of Doncaster North in the national Parliament in London. I am here to help you with all matters for which Parliament or central government is responsible. There are 659 MPs in the United Kingdom. A councillor is elected by local people to represent a ward on the local Council. There are 21,000 councillors in England and Wales.

Your counselor makes decisions affecting the ward and the wider council area and acts as a focus and leader for the local community. They tend to deal with issues relating to council housing, planning, rubbish collection, the local environment, and the administration of elections.

How can you help? We want your ideas and we want to work together. My office and I see our role as helping people to get on with improving their community. Please see Reasons to Get in Touch for more information.